Education & Ophan Support

Due to needs of the community, Star of Hope has put up a  school in Kinna, Rising Star Academy. It is a primary school consisting of 19 classrooms. Four classes are already in progress. There are about 120 pupils, the orphans are provided with free education in the school, they are also provided with text books, exercise books and uniforms.

Year in and year out, countless children are turned away from school because they lack adequate funding. The Kenyan government mandates that every child will have the opportunity to attend school, but this proclamation has not been uphelp in remote regions.

When these emergencies strike Kenya, families started to descend further into poverty. One thing leads to another. The parents have started pulling their kids out of school to work. A hope for an education and development is suffering a huge blow. Under secondary student sponsorship program SOHA is sponsoring orphans and destitute children from poor background families. There are several students who have benefited from this program.

Currently the number of sponsored children in 52 from different secondary schools in the republic. International development efforts are leaving hundreds of millions of girls and women uneducated and unable to contribute to positive change for themselves, their children, or their communities. Illiteracy rates are still far higher among women than men, and at least 9 million more girls than boys, 65 million compared to 56 million, are left out of school every year – statistics that have lasting implications not only for girls and women, but for their children and families as well.

Without accelerated action to get more girls into school over the next two years, global goals to reduce poverty and improve the human condition will simply not be reached. Conversely, bringing down the barriers that keep girls out of school will benefit both girls and boys – and their countries. In response to these barriers, SOHA  is setting up a school FUTURE girls secondary school. The school will be set up in Kianjai the construction is underway. Hoping it will be soon complete.

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