The community in Eastern Kenya has been prone to increasing number of patients, as the result of increasing population, poor income, increasing no of deaths in the area due to clan conflicts, drought and life killing diseases has caused a large no of children left without parents, abandoned children and disillusioned destitute. With inadequate economic resources, this entire community has been forced to engage in indecency and immoral activities as their means of earning a living, which are not sound development practices.

SOHA is committed to provide quality health services to the least income and laborers communities on equally basis. Following are the salient objectives of the project.

  • Quality health services with innovative teaching approaches at affordable costs to all the segments of the society in general and in particular, to the lower income groups, extremely vulnerable orphan children.
  • To bring the orphan as productive members of the society.
  • To track down the patients dropouts rate by institutionalized rising of population.
  • To equip them with quality facilities to survive in increasingly competitive environment.

Setting up a hospital in the region eastern and central Kenya is one of the major concerns of Star Of Hope, the project is under planning and we hope very soon star of hope will be constructing a hospital in Meru County.

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